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Vonshef Vacuum Food Saver Review

Vonshef Vacuum Food Saver ReviewScore 87%Score 87%

Are in search of a highly versatile vacuum sealer? Then the Vonshef Vacuum Food Saver may be all that you need. This sealer is perfect for storing, preserving, marinating various food items.

It also aids in sealing food for sous vide cooking. You can use this sealer to seal meat, sauces, veggie, fruits, fish and more.

The vonshef food saver is designed to create airtight sealing to protect your food from moisture and spoilage agents such molds and yeast.

 Who Should Purchase The Vonshef Vacuum Food Saver? 


Moms and chefs are not the only people who require preserving food. Fishermen also have to ensure their catch is fresh as it awaits eating or selling.

Thus, these groups of people should consider purchasing a vacuum sealer. Also, those who want to store vital documents and jewelry away from dust should consider a vacuum sealer.

 Specification and Features of the Vonshef Vacuum Food Saver 


Vacuuming Sealing or Sealing onlyVacuuming Sealing or Sealing only

This vacuum sealer has both vacuuming and sealing abilities. It allows you to choose either a vacuum sealing or sealing only.

Hence, you will have the option to alternate between normal sealing and vacuum sealing for items that require airtight conditions.

Simply press a button to alternate between these sealing functions. A simple operation manual is included to help you get started. 

Keeps Food Fresh 5 Times Longer

The Vonshef Vacuum Sealer keeps you food fresh up to 5 times longer through airtight sealing.

Your food will retain its freshness and nutrients for longer as compared to traditional sealing methods.

The reason is that your food is protected from the air that causes loss of flavor and nutrients. The food is also barred from molds, yeast and bacteria that causes spoilage.

Thus, you will enjoy eating your food in its original state at a later date.

Seals Various FoodsSeals Various Foods

It is a versatile vacuum sealer that can seal virtually everything. Whether you want to seal soft foods, foods with high liquid content, solid foods, or fruits, this sealer can handle all.

It is specifically designed to ensure no food is damaged during the sealing process. Moms who love sous vide cooking will find this vacuum sealer very handy.

It seals foods in just a few seconds meaning you can seal a ton of food within no time.

Wide SealingWide Sealing

With this sealer, you can seal bags of up to 11.5 inches. The wide sealing line prevents air leakage to ensure the sealing is effective.

Also, it has a pulse function that controls vacuuming in small stages. This vacuum features a low noise design for convenience in your kitchen.

These features combine with high vacuum pressure for effective food sealing. 


Compact DesignCompact Design

The vonshef vacuum food saver is very compact. You can seal food in the kitchen and also on the go.

It measures 13.4 inches by 6 inches by 2.5 inches, so it will not occupy a lot of storage space. This vacuum sealer weighs about 3.9 for portability.

If you are a fisherman or a hunter and you would like to seal your catch away from home, this sealer is a good choice.


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  • Allows vacuum sealing and sealing only
  • Prevents freezer burn and protects food from bacteria
  • Compact design for portability 
  • Easy lock system for convenient use


  • It doesn’t come with bags
  • It doesn’t come with an attachment for vacuuming Manson jars

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  1. Q. Can it work with 8-inch rolls?

    Ans: Yes. It works with 8-inch and 11-inch rolls.


  1. Q. What is the voltage of this vacuum sealer 110V or 110/220V?

    Ans: 110V.

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Final Verdict 

If you want to preserve highly perishable food items, seasonal fruits or other food items, a vacuum sealer is a great choice.

The vonshef vacuum food saver is an excellent kitchen device for all moms and chefs. It offers vacuum sealing to keep your food fresh up to 5 times longer.

Once you use this device to seal your food, it will be free from moulds, yeast and air. This sealer is compact and user-friendly. You can also compare the vonshef vacuum saver with other sealers.

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Summary Vonshef Vacuum Food Saver is compact designed. You can sealed food in your kitchen and also on the go. Its price very comfortable and sealed various food.

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