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Best Cooking Torch

Best Cooking Torch

A cooking torch is an effective kitchen tool. The best cooking torches are desirable for three reasons; they have refillable tanks, they are simple to light, and they offer a high concentration of heat.

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Iwatani Cooking Torch Professional Food Torch Burner

Iwatani Cooking Torch is a professional quality cooking torch for home. It is the best culinary cooking torch in the cooking torch industry

Ideally, the best torch for your kitchen can achieve up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. They have ergonomic handles and run up to a time of 120 minutes on a single refill.

Also, they have an extended anti-flare neck and a gas flow adjustment lever to regulate the flame size.

With a good cooking torch, you can easily and quickly put a brown crust that is delicious and visually appealing on fish or a piece of meat. Also, you can searing on  sousvide cooking recipe.

What to Consider in a Best Cooking Torch

Since there are numerous models of cooking torches, you should be careful to choose the best model for your needs. When choosing a cooking torch, consider the following

Type of Gas Used

Various torches use different gases and each gas has its distinct set of characteristics. The main gases used in sous vide torching include Propylene (MAP-Pro) gas, it achieves 150-200 degree Fahrenheit,

Propane gas, it’s the most popular since it’s affordable and generates an adequate amount of heat, Butane gas, it burns cooler than all other gases and its ideal for smaller cooking torches.

Material Used

Different torches are designed from various materials. The best cooking torches are designed using soldering copper pipes, hardening and brazing steel and light welding.

These torches can reach high temperatures of more than 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit. With such a cooking torch will offer sufficient heat to sear sous vide dish in about 2 to 3 minutes.

Gas Capacity

How much gas can the tank hold? The amount of gas in your torch will determine how long it will run. Some great cooking torches can run up to 120 minutes in a single torch.


Cooking torches come at varying prices depending on the size and characteristics. However, when choosing a cooking torch, don’t consider the price alone. 

You need a cooking torch to caramelize sugars, brown meringues, crisps meats, skins tomatoes, and melt cheese.

If you want to improve your kitchen processes, you should consider buying a cooking torch.

In searching cooking torches, I ended up with many models. After examination, I came up with 10 best cooking torches.

I choose these cooking torches because they are easy to light, run for a considerable time with a single tank, offer quality heat, and are affordable.

I tested the searzall torch attachment, the sansaire searing kit, and the Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch. 

Check the cooking torch reviews below:

  Iwatani Cooking Torch Professional Food Torch Burner

Rating: 4.5

The Iwatani Cooking torch professional torch uses butane to offers precise browning and charring. This cooking torch is simple to use and can run up to 150 minutes.

It offers you a chance to be a professional and prepare crème brulee and other fine delicacies that impress family and friends.

It’s perfect for glazing a baked ham, caramelizing sugar atop, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese, searing a steak and toasting bread crumbs. This affordable torch offers consistent flame that creates wonderful crusts in no time.

The Iwatani cooking torch has no messy filling compartments, just twist the torch onto the canister and you are ready to go. 

To ignite the Iwatani, first use the grey knob at the back end to turn on the gas. Then pull the trigger to light the flame.

The flame continues to burn when you release the trigger until you use the grey knob to turn the gas off. The gray knob controls the amount of burning gas.

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 Key Features 

  • Uses butane
  • Air regulating knob
  • Reliable piezo trigger ignition
  • Adjustable gas flow control, small to large flame size 
  • Functions with Iwatani cassette gas 
  • Restaurant quality torch ideal for home cooks, plumbers, DIY, camping


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  • It has an air regulating knob
  • It’s a versatile food torch
  • It has a reliable piezo trigger ignition
  • It’s highly affordable.


  • It doesn’t light with an on/off trigger.
  • It’s not perfect for heavy use.

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 Orblue Culinary Torch with Safety Lock 

Orblue Culinary Torch with Safety LockRating: 3.8

The Orblue Culinary Torch is superior in quality, and it’s designed for safety.

You don’t have to be a professional chef to enjoy using the Orblue culinary torch; it’s very simple to light and use so within no time you will enjoy quality food.

This quality cooking torch is ideal for caramelizing sugar on everything from marshmallows to Crème Brulee.

You can use this versatile cooking torch to char vegetable to enhance flavor, melt, and brown cheese delicacies or crisp meat. 

This great kitchen torch is lightweight for ease of use and features sturdy steel construction making it durable.

Your safety is ensured when you use the Orblue torch since it comes with 2 locks for secure operation. The lock keeps the flame from being activated accidentally.

The second lock greatly stabilizes flame once the starter button is released, thus, the flame is always under control.

This cooking torch runs on butane gas to offer significant heat. The flame is fully adjustable allowing you predictable torching.

The manufacturer of the Orblue culinary torch cautions the users from exposing the device to temperatures above 120 Fahrenheit and prolonged sunlight.

Also, you shouldn’t disassemble the unit or use of near spark to open flame.

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 Key Features 

  • Chef-quality has safety lock to keep the flame from accidental activation
  • Second lock greatly stabilizes flame when the starter button is released
  • Perfect kitchen torch for caramelizing sugar atop Crème Brulee, marshmallows, and meringue
  • Adjustable butane gas
  • Versatile food blowtorch


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  • It has 2 locks for safe use
  • Adjustable butane gas
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Versatile food blowtorch


  • It can’t heat above 120 Fahrenheit
  • You can’t disassemble the unit


Buy Orblue Culinary Torch with Safety Lock on Amazon,Now!


 Sansaire Searing Kit 

Sansaire Searing Kit
Rating: 4.8

After cooking your meat using sous vide machine, you should complete the preparation by adding a golden-brown crust on the outside.

The perfect way to do that is to use the Sansaire Searing Kit that runs on propane.

This kitchen torch is designed in partnership with Bernzomatic, a trusted brand in flame products.

It offers a 2200 degree Fahrenheit flame that works quickly to prepare delicious flavors that arise from fire-roasting; however, it doesn’t jeopardize the great denseness of sous vide cooking.

The enameled drip pan and heavy duty stainless steel searing rack guard your countertops the extensive heat of the flame. The Sansaire Searing Kit is dishwasher safe. 

The manufacturer describes the Sansaire Searing Kit as the most powerful culinary kitchen torch ever designed for home use.

The WIRED Magazine says that every element of the Sansaire Kit is designed as a rock, it looks great in your kitchen and has sufficient entertainment power to boot.

The pack includes propane fuel cylinder, torch head, drip tray and searing rack. Each fuel cylinder can last for months of normal use. This cooking torch is very safe to use and looks stylish in the kitchen. 

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 Key Features 

  • A great culinary blowtorch to sear sous vide cooked foods
  • Includes propane fuel cylinder, torch head, drip tray and searing rack
  • Designed in partnership with BernzOmatic, a trusted brand in fueled flame products
  • Featured by WIRED Magazine


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  • Comes with all the necessary components like propane fuel cylinder, and torch head
  • Each fuel cylinder can last for months
  • Designed in partnership with BernzOmatic
  • It’s very versatile


  • It can’t be used with a non-disposable canister


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 Searzall Torch Attachment  

Searzall Torch Attachment

Rating: 4

The Searzall Torch Attachment is a great attachment that is secured to the top of a cooking torch to make an ideal searing temperature without off-putting aromas.

It’s developed to eliminate the cooking errors of a blowtorch. This attachment forces a thin flame of the torch’s flame through two layers of high-temperature resistant wire mesh to offer a consistent, evenly spread flame.

It helps to produce a flame that ensures you get a professional quality finish to various foods like meat. This torch ensures more oxidation and temperature resistant since the back screen is evenly coated with palladium.

You will find the Searzall very revolutionary since it’s a hand-held cooking tool for the home and professional cooks.

It not only gives you the power and ability of raw fire, but also the ability to control and moderate that power.

This attachment secures to a blowtorch to sear sous vide pizza, meat, grilled cheese, foie, cheese, and more. It’s great for low-temperature and sous vide applications.

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 Key Features 

  • Revolutionary hand-held sears tool for home and professional cook
  • Turns a cooking torch into a hand-held instant-power broiler
  • Offers you the power of raw fire with full control
  • Great for low-temperature and sous vide applications


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  • It offers quality heating without having to hold your blowtorch
  • It offers you the power of raw fire
  • Great for low-temperature and sous vide applications
  • Turns a blowtorch into controllable hand-held instant-power broiler 


  • It may be challenging to control the heat at first. 


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 Liba Culinary Torch 

Liba Culinary Torch
Rating: 4

The Liba Culinary Torch offers you the ability to prepare amazing desserts and foods on par with most of the nicest restaurants in the world.

This cooking torch features professional design to ensure you get the best. The Liba torch is made for safety, reliability and ease of use; it brings a professional experience into your home kitchen.

If you require a flame for sous vide cooked dishes, you can trust the Liba Culinary Torch.

This versatile cooking torch can be used to brown meringues, caramelize crème brulees, sear steaks, glaze hams, melt cheeses, toast breads or grill seafood; your creativity will guide you!

It comes with an extended angled nozzle to keep your hands safe away from the flame allowing easy and precise maneuvering.

The safety lock and Anti-Flare technology ensure your safety during operation. To ignite, open the safety lock, and then turn the flame knob, finally press on the ignition button.

The flame can burn up to 2730 degrees Fahrenheit. This best cooking torch features heavy duty metal construction for durability. The flame burns up to 60 minutes depending on the size of the flame.


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 Key Features 

  • Professional quality culinary torch
  • Features safety lock and anti-flare technology for safe operation
  • Easy to ignite; open safety lock, turn flame knob and press on ignition button 
  • Burns up to 2730 degrees
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • 3-year warranty


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  • It can be used to torch a variety of foods
  • Features a safety lock for safe operation
  • Easy to ignite
  • Burns up to 2730 degrees for quality heating


  • It may last for less than 60 minutes if you use a fairly large flame


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 Bonjour Brushed Aluminum Chef’s Cooking Torch With Fuel Gauge 

Bonjour Brushed Aluminum Chef's Cooking Torch With Fuel Gauge

The Bonjour brushed aluminum torch enables you to prepare restaurant quality desserts at your home kitchen.

The Chef’s torch is not only essential for making the classic crème brulee, but also has a wide range of other uses in your home kitchen like melting cheese and browning meringue.

This cooking torch feature die cast aluminum construction making it highly durable. It comes with a fuel indicator window that shows you gas levels so you will know when it is time to refill.

This kitchen torch is very stylish, and it will give your kitchen an industrial appearance. Butane powers this ergonomic and versatile cooking torch.

It offers sufficient heat to allow you improve the quality of your sous vide cooked dishes within no time.

You will find this torch very easy to refill. It has an anti-flare flame to ensure your safety.

The Bonjour torch features a removable stand, weighs only one pound and an ergonomic handle for ease of use.


>>Click Here To Read Specifications,Customer Reviews & Rating<<


 Key Features 

  • Anti-flare flame and Safety lock
  • Easy to refill with butane gas fuel
  • Removable stand and Ergonomic handle
  • Variety of uses like browning meringue or melting cheese
  • Features die cast aluminum construction
  • Features a fuel level indicator


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  • Provides a variety of uses 
  • Die cast aluminum construction for durability
  • Fuel level indicator window
  • Anti-flare and safety lock for safe operation



  • It doesn’t come with a butane tank


Buy Bonjour Brushed Aluminum Chef’s Cooking Torch With Fuel Gauge on Amazon,Now!


 Metro Fulfillment Home Kitchen Chef’s Torch Featuring Fuel Gauge 

Metro Fulfillment Home Kitchen Chef's Torch Featuring Fuel Gauge
Rating: 4

The Metro Fulfillment House Kitchen Chef’s Torch is an essential and perfect device for your home kitchen.

It features quality features that you will enjoy. First, it offers you predictable torching since it has a gas adjustment knob.

It’s powered by an economical and affordable gas, butane, so you will save on giving your sous vide dishes a perfect finish.

The device is very affordable; hence, it’s a big save for your kitchen. Most users love this cooking torch since it has a rating of above 4 stars out of five.

It’s designed to allow you prepare restaurant quality dessert at your home kitchen.This versatile torch can be used for browning meringue, caramelizing sugars, or melting cheese on soup.

It runs on butane gas offering high temperatures for various torching requirements. This torch comes with a fuel gauge indicator allowing you to monitor fuel use, thus, you will know when to refill. If you have a great gift idea, the Metro kitchen torch is a perfect choice.


>>Click Here To Read Specifications,Customer Reviews & Rating<<


 Key Features 

  • Fuel gauge indicator window to allow you monitor gas usage
  • Versatile; browning meringue, caramelizing sugars or melting cheese on soup
  • Powered by butane gas
  • Ideal for professional and home cook

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  • It can be used to make various foods
  • It has a fuel level indicator window
  • It’s safe to use
  • It’s perfect for both professional and home kitchen


  • The butane tank is not included in the pack


Buy Metro Fulfillment Home Kitchen Chef’s Torch on Amazon,Now!


 Aimente Professional Chef’s Culinary Torch  

Aimente Professional Chef's Culinary Torch
Rating: 4

The Aimente Professional Chef’s Culinary Torch is a very ergonomic and handy device. It produces temperatures of up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, to swiftly caramelize a crème brulee without overheating the custard.

This torch is easy and safe to use. It comes with an adjustable gas control for regulating flame size.

For added safety, it comes with a child-resistant safety switch. With a 0.04 qt gas tank, you can enjoy up to 60 minutes of torching with a continuous flame. 

It features a sturdy stand for stability and storage. This feature also guards the gas intake valve from debris and crumbs.

It’s self-igniting and industrious, thus, a perfect device to add to your high-end kitchen gadgets. This versatile, metallic cooking torch runs on butane making it powerful to be used as a lighter or jewelers torch.

The manufacturer recommends the use of triple or higher refined butane gas.


>>Click Here To Read Specifications,Customer Reviews & Rating<<


 Key Features 

  • Self-igniting Aimente
  • Runs on butane
  • All metal construction
  • Childproof safety lock to prevent accidental ignition
  • Large capacity refillable fuel cylinder

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  • It’s very versatile 
  • It comes with a childproof safety lock to prevent accidental ignition
  • The gas tank offers up to 60 minutes of continuous flame
  • It’s durable since it features all metal construction



  • The gas cylinder is empty on delivery


Buy Aimente Professional Chef’s Culinary Torch on Amazon,Now!


 Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch 

Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch
Rating: 4

The Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch tracks its roots to both Australia and Germany, but now it operates in the U.S. to offer highest quality culinary and cutlery tools.

It’s perfect for both home and professional cooks. The Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch comes with a 28 ml cylinder fuel to offer you up to 200 minutes burning time.

It has a stable stand that allows you to torch sous vide dishes with ease and storing stability. 

If features an anti-flare for maximum safety. You can use this cooking torch for numerous purposes since it offers a 2700 degree jet flame.

If you want a kitchen torch that can be used as jewelry flame, the Messermeister Cheflamme is perfect. It has a refillable butane gas cylinder for the convenience of use.


>>Click Here To Read Specifications,Customer Reviews & Rating<<




 Key Features  

  • 200 minutes burning time
  • 28 ml fuel cylinder
  • Anti-flare
  • 2700 degree jet flame
  • Refillable butane gas

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  • It features an anti-flare for maximum safety
  • It holds up to 28 ml of fuel
  • It offers 200 minute burning time
  • It offers 2700 degree jet flame



  • The gas cylinder is empty on delivery 


Buy Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch on Amazon,Now!



 Culinary Prestige- Culinary Butane Torch   

Culinary Prestige- Culinary Butane Torch
Rating: 4

The Culinary Prestige- Culinary Butane Torch and Professional Quality for Home Chefs is easy to fill, light and use.

If easy functionality and simplicity are what you want, then this cooking torch is ideal for you. It ignites with just a simple click and is cozy in your hand allowing you to enjoy making your culinary masterpieces.

It features an adjustable flame to offer perfect results. Whether you are topping off crème brulee, searing steak or melting cheese the adjustable flame will allow you cook to professional standards always.

This torch has multiple uses allowing maximum convenience. It’s not only made for chefs since you can use it in your home kitchen.

You can use it for melting ice, soldering and it’s also a fire lighter. It is sturdy and durable offering you a lifetime quality cooking.

The device is small and light for simple use but also strong enough to withstand scrapes and bumps that face kitchen gadgets or utensils. It features a flame lock for safety and comes with written instructions to guide you from the start.



>>Click Here To Read Specifications,Customer Reviews & Rating<<



 Key Features 

  • Flame adjustable knob 
  • Easy to refill, light and use
  • Multiple uses allowing maximum convenience
  • Sturdy and durable for long use
  • Flame lock for safety 
  • Bonus e-books and written instruction


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  • Lights with just a single click
  • Small and light for ease of use
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Easy to refill


  • The flame is not very hot and is small.


Buy Culinary Prestige- Culinary Butane Torch on Amazon,Now!



Final Verdict 

If you want a professional finish of your sous vide cooked food, choose the best cooking torch to save your day. A good kitchen torch will help you melt cheese, sear steak and top off crème brulee.

Also, you can use it as a lighter torch or jewelry flame. However, ensure you check the type of gas that the torch runs on, the material used to make the torch, the cylinder gas capacity and the flame time.

The cooking torches covered in this review have proved to be the best in the market. They are durable, versatile, safe and easy to use. Be free to choose one of these best cooking torch to add to your high-end kitchen tools.

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